Install the Sofa Framework on Ubuntu 14.04

The instructions provided on the Sofa website are for Ubuntu 12.04. They mostly apply to Ubuntu 14.04 as well, except:

  1. You do not need cmake binaries from other repositories.
  2. libopencascade-dev no longer exists, it has been replaced by many packages. I am not sure which ones are necessary, so, in doubt, I just installed them all:

    • liboce-caf-dev
    • liboce-modeling-dev
    • liboce-visualization-dev
    • liboce-foundation-dev
  3. Before building, you might want to enable other features/plugins. From the build-release folder, run:

  4. cmake-gui ..
    and pick what you need. If you happen to be installing Sofa to use in conjunction with OpenAlea/VirtualPlants through the sofameca module (developed by the VirtualPlants team, not open source yet), pick these:


Banner photo by Scott Allen